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A Delta Dining Tradition

The Khan on 61

5:30 am
Camel Herders, Plowmen, and a Preacher
7:00 am
Peddlers, Poachers, and Poorboy Gamblers
9:00 am
Village Elders (and a few Idiots)
10:00 am
Amateur Politicians & General Liars
12:00 noon
Caravan Feeding
3:00 pm
Tall-Tale Story Hour
5:00 pm
Last call for java & baklava

Clyde says,
No hookah smoking before 3:00 PM !

Specializing in Lebanese/Italian/American Cuisine

Traditional Southern Breakfasts and Plate lunches

Kibbie, Cabbage Rolls, Grape Leaves, Tabouli

Spaghetti, Lasagna, Ravioli

Incredible Coconut & Chocolate Cream Pies

Chafik & Louise Chamoun, Owners

Located on Highway 61, Clarksdale MS

Read about the Chamoun's and the Lebanese tradition in the Delta. -- Revised: Feb 1997
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